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1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
Key Verse: 1:10-11

1. Who was Elkanah? (1:1-2) What problem did Hannah have? (3-7) What does "the LORD had closed Hannahs womb" imply? (5-6)

2. How did Elkanah show his love for Hannah? (5,8) Finally what did Hannah do with her problem? (9-11) How is Hannahs prayer described? (1:12-13a, 15-16)

3. Who was Eli, and how did he misunderstand her, and why? (1:9, 13b-14) What was Hannahs attitude at this? (15-16) How did God bless Hannah? (17-20)

4. How did Hannah keep her vow? (21-28) What can we learn from her? How did God continue to bless her? (2:20-21)

5. Divide Hannah’s prayer and put a title for each part. What does her prayer tell us about her? (2:1-11)
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