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1 Samuel 2:12-4:1a
Key Verse: 3:10

1. How were Eli’s sons practicing as priests? (2:11-17) How was Samuel different? (11, 18, 21, 26). Think of the upbringing of Samuel.

2. How did Eli try to help his sons? (22-25) What was Eli’s problem in regards to his sons? (27-29) What was God’s message to him? (30-36)? What can we learn about God’s way of working?

3. How were those days described? (3:1) What does this tell us about that time? How did the LORD call Samuel? (2-10) What was Samuel’s attitude? What can we think of from this call?

4. What did the LORD say to Samuel, which Eli came to know? (11-18) Why do you think this message was given to Samuel?

5. How was the LORD with Samuel? (19-21) What does this signify to us?
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