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1 Samuel 4:2-7:1
Key Verse: 4:22

1. When Israel was defeated by the Philistines at a battle, what question did the elders of Israel have and what did they suggest? (4:1b-3) How did all Israel respond, when the ark of the LORD’s covenant came into the camp? (4-5) What does this tell us about them?

2. How did the Philistines respond when they learned that the ark of the LORD had come into the camp? (6-9) What was the result of the battle? (10-11) What lesson does this fighting give us?

3. What happened to Eli (12-18) What message was given by his daughter-in-law at the time of her death? (19-21) What does this mean?

4. What took place at Dagon’s temple? (5:1-5) How did the ark of God come to Ashdod, Gath, Ekron, and what happened at each of the cities because of the ark? (5:16-12)

5. How was the ark of the LORD returned to Israel (6:1-12) What did the people of Beth Shemesh do? (13-18) What happened to those who looked into the ark of the LORD? (19-20) Finally what was done to the ark of the LORD? (6:21-7:1)
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