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1 Samuel 17:1-17:58
Key Verse: 17:45

1. Where did the Philistines and the Israelites camp and draw their battle line to meet each other? (1-3) Who is Goliath, and how is he described? (4-7) What was his strategy? What might be his strengths and weaknesses (8-10)? How did the Israelites respond? (11)

2. How is David introduced? (12-16) What task did his father give to him? (16-19) How did David carry out this task? (20-22) What was David’s response when he heard Goliath’s shout of defiance? (23-26)

3. How did Eliab respond when heard David speaking with the men there? (27-28) What did they do? (29-30) Then what happened? (31) What can you learn here?

4. What did David say to Saul? (32) What was Saul’s view of David? (33) What did David show in his persuasion of Saul? (34-37) How did Saul want to have David prepared for the battle? (38) How did David finally prepare himself for the battle? (38-39) What can be our preparation in spiritual battle?

5. How did the Philistine view David? (41-44) In his saying to the Philistine, what did he depend on? (45) How did he describe his assured victory and his ultimate purpose of fighting? (46-47)

6. How did the battle play out? (48-49) How was David’s victory described? (50) What did David and the Israelites do to finish the battle? (51-54) How did David identify himself when he was brought before Saul? (55-58)

7. Application: With whom do you identify in this passage? What do you think Goliath represents in your own life, and what can you learn about how to defeat him?
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