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1 Samuel 7:2-8:22
Key Verse: 7:12

1. How was the attitude of the Israelites toward the LORD changed? (2) What message did Samuel give to the whole house of Israel who were returning to the LORD? (3) How did the Israelites respond? (4) (Baal represented security; Ashtoreth, sexual immorality) How did Samuel lead them further? (5-6) What can we learn from Samuel?

2. How did the Israelites respond at the attack of the Philistines? (7) What did they ask Samuel to do? (8) Then what did Samuel do? (9) How did God answer Samuel’s prayer? (10-11) At the time of victory what did Samuel do? (12-13a) What does this teach us?

3. What is written about the influence of Samuels life upon the Israel? (13b-14) How did he live as judge over Israel? (15-17) What was the meaning of such life?

4. How did Samuels sons live? (8:1-3) What did the elder of Israel ask of Samuel? (4-5) When Samuel was displeased by what they had asked for, what did he do? (6) As the answer to his prayer, what did God say of the reason for their request for a king? (7-8)

5. What warning message from the LORD did Samuel deliver to the people about what a king would do? (9-19) Despite the warning message what did the people want? (19-20)? What did Samuel do? (21) What was God’s final answer? (22) What does this chapter teach us about the sinful human being?
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