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1 Samuel 9:1-11:15
Key Verse: 10:6

1. How is Saul introduced? (9:1-2) What task was given to him, and how did he carry it out? (3-5) How did Saul and his servant come to the place to encounter Samuel? (3-14) What did the LORD reveal to Samuel? (15-16) When Samuel caught sight of Saul, what did the LORD say to him? (17) What can we learn about God’s way of working?

2. What did Samuel reveal to Saul (18-20) What was Saul’s response to it? (21) How did Saul come to dine with Samuel, and how did their conversation go on? (22-27)

3. What did Samuel do to Saul (10:1) What are ‘these signs’ in verse 7 and what is the main point of Samuel’s words to Saul (2-8) What did God do with Saul? (9) How could Saul be among the prophets? (10-13) How did Samuel present Saul as king before all the people? What was Saul’s attitude? How did the people show their different responses? (14-27)

4. How did Nahash the Ammonite threaten the men of Jabesh Gilead? (11:1-2) How did the people respond to it? (3-4) How did Saul gather the fighting men and defeat the Ammonites? (5-11) What can you learn from this victory? How was Saul’s kingship confirmed? (12-14)
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