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1 Samuel 12:1-13:15
Key Verse: 12:23

1. How did Samuel testify to his life? (12:1-5) What did he say to the people about their past? (6-11) And concerning their king? (12-15) How did Samuel point out their sin of asking for a king? (16-19)

2. When they recognized their sin, how did Samuel help them? (20-22) What did he say about himself? (23) What was his consistent teaching for them to the end of his life? (24-25) Here what can we learn from him?

3. What did Saul do when he became king? (1-2) How did the war come to break out between Israel and the Philistines? (3-4) How did the Philistines prepare for the battle? (5) How did the man of Israel react? (6-7)

4. What did Saul do in an unexpected unfavourable situation and why? (8-12) How did Samuel rebuke him? (13-14) Afterwards, what did Samuel and Saul, each, do? (15) What can you say about Saul here?
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