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Revelation 4:1-4:11
Key Verse: 4:2

1. Read the passage several times, divide it into paragraphs and title each paragraph. Which words or phrases are repeated? Find a key verse and make an outline of the chapter.

2. How was the scene changed, and what appeared before John this time? (1a) What message did he hear? (1b) Think about the words (cf. 1:1, 9, 19).

3. What further scene was displayed before John? (2) Think about the throne. What appearance did the one sitting on the throne have? (3a; Ex 28:17-20; 39:13; Rev 21:11, 19-20) What encircled the throne? (3b)

4. What other thrones are there surrounding of the throne of God? (4) Who are the twenty-four elders? What are the other descriptions related to the throne? (5-6a)

5. What was there in the centre, around the throne? (6b) How were the four living creatures depicted? (6c-8a) What do the four living creatures stand for? What do the living creatures do without ceasing? What are the words of their praise and what do the words mean? (8b-9a)

6. What do the twenty-four elders do along with the four living creatures? How and why do they praise God?
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