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Revelation 5:1-5:11
Key Verse: 5:9-10

1. What did John see? (1) What was a mighty angel’s proclamation? (2) Why did John weep? (3,4) What did one of the elders say to him? (5) Who is worthy to open the scroll and why? What is the meaning of opening the scroll and its seven seals?

2. What did John see this time? (6) How was a Lamb described? (6) What did he do? (7) What did the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders do? (8) How were they described? (8)

3. What kind of song did they sing? (9) Why was the Lamb worthy? (9,10) What does this song teach us?

4. Then what did John hear? (11) How did the angels sing? What is the meaning of this song? (12)

5. Who sang next and what are the contents of their song? (3) How did the four living creatures and the elders respond? (14)
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