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1 Samuel 13:16-14:52
Key Verse: 14:6

1. Where did each of the two, Israel and the Philistines camp and what was the battle situation? (13:16-18) How poor were the Israelites in their equipment for the battle compared to the Philistines? (19-22; 13:5)

2. What did Jonathan say to his armor-bearer unnoticed to his father? (13:23-14:1) Where was Saul staying and with whom? (2-3) How did Jonathan show his faith in the LORD? (4-6) What did he and his armor-bearer do? (7-14)What can we learn from Jonathan?

3. What happened to the whole army? (15) What did Saul come to notice? (16-17) What further took place in the Philistine camp? (18-19) Then what did Saul and all his men do? (20-22) What was the author’s comment on this? (23) Why did the LORD give Israel such a victory?

4. Why were the men of Israel in distress that day? (24) What did Jonathan do? (25-28) And what did he say when asked about what he had done? (29-30) What did the Israelites do in exhaustion? (31-33a) In that situation how did Saul help the Israelite? (33b-34) Then what did he build? (35)

5. While Saul wanted to destroy the Philistines completely, what problem was found? (36-44) How was Jonathan rescued and what did Saul do? (45-46) What is written about Saul’s achievement? (47-48) And his family? (49-51) What did the author comment about all the days of Saul’s life? (52)What can you say of Saul in this passage?
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