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1 Samuel 15:1-16:23
Key Verse: 15:22b

1. When Samuel said to Saul, what did he say of himself? (1) What mission did the LORD give to Saul? (2-3) How did Saul prepare for this mission? (4-7) And how did he carry it out? (8-10)

2. What word of the LORD came to Samuel? (10-11a) What was Samuel’s response at this? (11b) When Samuel went to meet Saul, what was he told? (12) When Samuel reached Saul, what did Saul say concerning the mission he carried out? (13-15) How clear was Samuel at this time in dealing with Saul? (16-19)

3. How did Saul make an excuse for his actual disobedience Samuel pointed out? (20-21) What was Samuel’s uncompromising message to Saul? (22-23) What was Saul’s confession? (24-25) How stern was Samuel at this? (26) What can we learn here?

4. What was Samuel’s further message to Saul (27-29) How did Samuel help Saul at his best? (30-31) What did Samuel do with Agag, king of the Amalekites whom Saul had spared? (32-33) How was the final departure between Samuel and Saul described? (34-35)

5. What did the LORD say to Samuel? (16:1) Why did Samuel hesitate at God’s command? (2a) How did the LORD help him? (2b-3) How was David chosen to be king over Israel? (4-12) How are man’s view of people and God’s view contrasted in this long process of choosing David? (7) At the anointing on David by Samuel, what happened to David? (13)

6. What a sad thing happened to Saul? (14) What solution did Saul’s attendants suggest? (15-16) How did David enter in the service of Saul and what did he do for Saul? (17-23)
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