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Malachi 1:1-1:14
Key Verse: 1:6

1. What kind of book is Malachi? (1) What does ‘oracle’ mean? What is the first word from the LORD in this book? (1a) Think about God’s love for the Israelites. How did they respond to the LORD’s love confession? Why in this way?

2. How did God answer their rhetorical question? (2b) Think about this love of God (Ro 9:10-13) Why would Edom’s effort end in vain? (4) What would Israel come to know about God? (5)

3. What is God’s second charge? (6a) To whom is the charge directed? How did they deny it? (6b) How did God respond to their belligerent question? (7-9) How did God express his displeasure with the priests? (10) Why do you think their worship corrupted this much? What kind of worship does God want?

4. What is God’s plan for his name? (11)|How did they profane God’s name? (12-13a) Why were they burdened with temple worship? How did God judge them? What does God say about himself and his name? (14) What can we learn here?
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