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Malachi 3:13-4:6
Key Verse: 4:2

1. What are the harsh things the people spoke against the Lord? (3:13-15) In their eyes, why was serving the LORD futile and the arrogant blessed? How are such thoughts and words against the LORD?

2. Still, what different kind of people were there? What might they talk with each other? How did God respond to their talk? (16) How does God show his love for them? (17) What do they realize? (18)

3. What does the day which is coming refer to? What day will it be to all the arrogant and every evildoer? (4:1) What will happen to those who revere God’s name? (2-3) What does the “the sun of righteousness” mean? Think about the blessings one by one.

4. What should Israel remember? (4) What does this mean? Before the great and fearful day, how does God work to turn the hearts of people (5-6a) What will take place to those who do not turn their hearts? (6b)
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