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Mark 2:1-2:17
Key Verse: 2:17

I. Jesus forgives and heals a Paralyzed Man (1-12)
1. Describe the way the four friends brought the paralyzed man (1-4). What did Jesus see (5a)?
How is the faith of the friends and the healing of the paralyzed man related?

2. What did Jesus say to the paralyzed man (5b)? Why did Jesus declare the forgiveness of sin before healing his sickness? Think about the connection between his physical sickness and spiritual sickness.

3. What was the reaction of the religious leaders (6-7)? What was the truth in their saying, but what did they know about Jesus?

4. What did Jesus reveal about himself (8-10)? Think about Jesus who has authority to forgive sins? How did Jesus heal the man’s physical sickness (10b-12)?

II. Jesus Calls Levi and Eats with Sinners (13-17)
5. Who is Levi, what was he doing when Jesus saw him (13-14a)? Describe his life as a tax collector. Think about God’s heart for social outcast and Jesus’ hope in calling Levi as his disciple (14b).

6. What did the Pharisees ask Jesus’ disciples at the dinner at Levi’s house (15-16)? What did Jesus say about the purpose of his coming (17)? Think about Jesus who came for sinners as a spiritual doctor.
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