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Colossians 2:6-2:23
Key Verse: 2:6-7

1. Read verses 6 and 7. Whom did we receive? What did Paul command us to do? Think about each element. How can we be rooted and built up in him? (6,7) What warning does Paul give? (8)

2. What does live in Christ and how? (9) What does this mean? What have we been given? (10) What is the meaning of circumcision? (11-12) Why does Paul mention circumcision here?

3. What did God do for us? (13) How did he do that? (14) What victory does we have and what does this mean to us? (15)

4. What warning does Paul again here in detail? (16-23) According to his repeated warning what should we watch out for? Finally, think further about how to be rooted and built up in Christ the Lord?
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