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2 Peter 1:1-1:21
Key Verse: 1:4

1. How does Peter introduce himself? (cf. 1 Pe 1:1) How does Peter describe about the recipients (1b)? How is his greeting different from his first letter’s? (cf. 1 Pe 1:2b)

2. What has his divine power given us? For what purpose and how? (3) What are his very great and precious promises? How can we participate in (“become partakers of” in ESV) the divine nature? (4b) What does this result in?

3. What divine qualities does Peter mention here? Which specific quality/qualities do you need to add to your faith? (5-7) How do these affect our Christian life? (8,9) Why is it important to make your calling and election sure? (10,11)

4. Why does Peter repeatedly remind them of these things even until his departure? (12-15) Why does he mention his experience on the sacred mountain? (16-18)

5. What makes our belief more certain? (19a) What does Peter encourage believers to do and
why? (19b,20) What is the origin of the prophecy of the scripture? (21)
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