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2 Peter 2:1-2:22
Key Verse: 2:1

1. Who were the false prophets and who does Peter predict to come (1; 1:19-21)? What will they do and what will be their end (2-3)?

2. What are the past examples of God’s condemnation and salvation? (4-8) What do these examples show about the Lord? (9-10a)

3. How do the false teachers reveal their boldness and arrogance? (10b-11) How does Peter see them (12)?

4. What is their lifestyle and it’s influence among the believers (13-14)? In what ways were they like Balaam (15-16; Nu 22:4-20)?

5. What are the additional descriptions for their destiny (17)? Whom do they entice and how (18-19)? How does Peter finally warn them(20-22)? Who are modern false teachers and what should we watch for?
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