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2 Peter 3:1-3:18
Key Verse: 3:11b-1

1. What was Peter’s purpose in writing his two letters (1-2)? How can we have “wholesome thinking ” (2; 2Pe 1:16-21)? What should we remember regarding the Lord’s command (4; Mt 24:30; Mk 14:62)?

2. Of what danger does Peter warn (3-4)? What truth have the scoffers forgotten and why (3, 5-6; Ge 1:1-2, 6:5-7)? Who are the modern day scoffers? What will happen to the present heavens and earth and why (7)?

3. What do verses 8-10 teach us about God’s promise and his time schedule? Why is God patient (9)? What is the “day of the Lord”? (10 , Isa 13:9; Zeph 1:18; 1Thes 5:2)? What does “come like a thief” mean to us (Mt 24:43-44)?

4. In light of this, what kind of people ought we to be (11-12)? What is our glorious hope (13; 1Co 15:51-52; Rev 21:1-4; 22:12-14)? Why is it important for us to “look forward to the day of God” and “speed its coming” (Mt 24:14)?

5. With this hope, what must we do (14)? See what Paul said about God’s patience (15-16; Ro 2:4-5; 1Ti 2:3-4). How can we “be on our guard” (17)? In what ways should we grow and why is this significant? (18; 2Pe 1:2-3).

* The words “wholesome thinking” are also translated “pure mind” (KJV) and “sincere mind” (ESV, NASB).

* The word “everything” in verse 10 is also translated “works” (KJV, ESV, NASB).
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