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2 Timothy 1:1-1:18
Key Verse: 1:8

1. How does Paul identify himself? (1) What was the relationship between Paul and Timothy? (2a; Php2:22) How did Paul bless him from his prison cell?

2. In his thanks to God, how did Paul describe the way he served God? (3a) Why did he mention his conscience at this time? (Ac23:1; 24:16; see also 2Ti1:12a) How did he describe his prayers for Timothy? What did he recall, and of what did this remind him? (4–5a) How could Timothy have such sincere faith? (5b)

3. What was God’s gift to Timothy, and why did he need to be reminded to fan it into flame? (6; 1Ti4:13–14) What might have inhibited him? What did Timothy need to serve God? (7)

4. What might have caused Timothy to be ashamed? (8a,12a,16b) What strong encouragement did Paul give Timothy? (8b) In what ways can we participate in suffering for the gospel? Why do we need the power of God to do so?

5. What grace does the gospel give us? (9a) How can we receive that grace? (9b) How did our Savior Christ Jesus reveal this grace, and why might this have been especially meaningful to Paul at that time? (10) Why was Paul suffering? (11–12a) Why was this no cause for shame? (12b)

6. What must Timothy do, and how could he do it? (13–14) Why is it so important for us to “guard” the gospel teachings? What were the two contrasting responses to Paul’s imprisonment? (15–18) What can we learn from Onesiphorus?
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