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1 Samuel 18:1-20:42
Key Verse: 20:42

1. How was Jonathan’s love for David described? (18:1-4) Think about this love of Jonathan.

2. How did Saul become jealous of David? (5-9) What did Saul do toward David? (10-11) Why was Saul afraid of David? (12-16) How did David become Saul’s son-in-law? (17-27) What was Saul’s intention in this? How did Saul’s condition become worse as David became more successful? (28-30)

3. What did Jonathan do for David? (19:1-7) How did Saul attempt again and again to kill David (8-17) When David went to Samuel at Ramah, what did Saul do and what happened to his men and himself there? (18-24) What can you think of through the event that happened in Naioth at Ramah?

4. How did David explain his situation to Jonathan and what did he request of Jonathan? (20:1-8) What covenant did Jonathan make with David? (9-17) How did Jonathan endanger even himself for the sake of David? (18-33) Finally, what did Jonathan do for David? (34-42) What do you think the meaning of the long description concerning shooting arrows is? What can we learn from their friendship?
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