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1 Samuel 25:1-27:12
Key Verse: 26:9

1. What happened at the beginning of this chapter? (1a) What is said about Nabal and his wife Abigail? (2b-3) What did David want from Nabal? (4-9) How did Nabal reject David’s request, and at this what was David going to do? (10-13)

2. When Abigail heard about David’s coming against Nabal, what did she do? (14-19) When she saw David, how did she appease David? (20-31) How did David respond to it? (32-35) Afterward, what happened to Nabal and Abigail? (36-44) What is important in this event written in detail in this chapter?

3. When Saul heard that David was hiding on the hill of Hakilah, what did Saul do? (26:1-2) What did David and Abishai do when they came to place where Saul and Abner was lying asleep? (3-12) How did David again show his respect for the LORD’s anointed? How was the LORD with David?

4. What did David say to Abner? (13-16) And to Saul? (17-20) What did Saul confess to David? (21) How did David confess his faith in the LORD? (22-24) What did Saul finally say to David? (25)

5. What did David think to himself? (27:1) Where did David and his six hundred men go? (2-4) Living in Philistine territory what was David’s practice? (5-11) How did Achish trust David? (12)
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