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Proverbs 2:1-2:22
Key Verse: 2:4-5

1. According to verses 1-4, who can find wisdom? Think about each attitude toward seeking wisdom. How dearly one must seek wisdom?(4)

2. What promise is made to those who diligently pursue the attainment of godly wisdom? (5) What is the source of wisdom? (6) What does God do for them? (7-8) What can they understand and how? (9-10)

3. From what can wisdom deliver us? (11-15) What are the characteristics of the wicked?

4. From what kind of woman can wisdom save us? (16-20) What are the characteristics of the adulteress? Who will live in the land and what is the consequence of the wicked and and the unfaithful? (21-22) Why do we need wisdom so importantly?
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