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2 Samuel 5:6-7:29
Key Verse: 7:16

1. After becoming king over Israel, what did he do first? (5:6-9) How could he become more and more powerful? (10) Who built a palace for David? (11) What did David know at this time? (12)

2. How could David defeat the Philistines consecutively? (17-25)

3. While David and his men were bringing the ark of God, what tragic event took place? (1-7) How did David respond at this? (8-9) Where did the ark of God remain and how did God bless the house where the ark of God remained? (10-11)

4. At the second time how did David bring the ark of God to the city of David? (1-15) What did Michal see and how did she react at it? (16) Where was the ark of God set, and what did David do? (17-19) When David returned home to bless his household, how did Michal show her contempt upon David’s act? (20) What was David’s reply? (21-22) What happened to Michal? (23)

5. When David had in mind to build God a house to dwell, what future plans did God reveal to David through Nathan? (1-17) How did David respond to it? (18-29) What can we learn here?
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