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Ecclesiastes 1:1-1:18
Key Verse: 1:2, 14

1. What does the author say about himself (Prov 1:1; Ecc 7:27)? What is the main cry of his soul (2; Is 40:6,7)?

2. In spite of all the labors and toil in this sun to make changes in this life, what realities in this nature suggest about the meaning of life (3-7)? Why are all things wearisome (8, 9)?

3. As people search for something new, what in fact people discover in time (9, 10)? How are the former generations disconnected with the succeeding generations (11)?

4.In what sense, this author was in unique position to devote himself to study and explore wisdom (12)? In all his pursuit who did he meet and what did he find (13, 14)?

5. What are the constraints of life he experienced in this world reality (15)? What does he say about his wisdom and knowledge (16)?

6.How is understanding of wisdom and also of madness and folly related (17a)? What does it mean “chasing after the wind”? (17b)? Why does wisdom and knowledge have to do with sorrow and grief (18)?

* In what sense, the author’s cries, “Meaningless! Meaningless!”, “Nothing new under the sun”, “Chasing after the wind” suggest about the end outcomes after the incessant search for meaning, excitement and passion in this life?
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