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2 Samuel 11:1-12:31
Key Verse: 12:13a

1. In spring, at the time when kings go off to war, what did David do? (1-5) How did David try to cover up what he had done only failing to do? (6-13) What was David’s next plan, and with what result? (14-17) How did he have to compromise with Joab’s mistake in the battle? (18-25) What did David finally do displeasing the LORD? (26-27)

2. What kind of story did Nathan tell David? (12:1-4) How did David respond to the story? (5-6) What did Nathan pinpoint to David? (7a) What message from the LORD did Nathan deliver to David? (7b-12) What does this message tell about the LORD?

3. What was David’s confession? (13) How did Nathan reply? (14) What could not David’s servants understand regarding David’s act? (15-21) How did David answer? (22-23) What happened to David and his wife Bathsheba? (24-25) Why did David have to go to Rabah to fight and what was the result? (26-31)
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