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2 Samuel 13:1-16:14
Key Verse: 15:25-26

1. How did Amnon come to rape Tamar? (13:1-14) What is written about how Amon treated Tamar after raping her? (15-19) How did Absalom her brother respond to it, and what was King David’s response? (20-22)

2. How did Absalom kill Amnon? (23-29) What reports came to David, and how was he affected? (30-36) Afterwards what did Absalom do, and how was the king’s heart changed? (37-39)

3. How was Absalom brought to Jerusalem? (14:1-23) But what was King David’s response at Absalom’s returning? (23-24) Why did David show such a response? What was written about Absalom? (25-27) How could Absalom come to see the king’s face? (28-33)

4. How did Absalom steal the hearts of the men of Israel? (15:1-6) How did Absalom rebel against the king? (7-12) How did David react at this rebellion? (13-16) What was the conversation between the king and Ittai the Gittite? (17-22) Whom did the king send back to Jerusalem and why? (23-37)

5. What did Ziba, the steward of Mephibosheth do (16:1-2) How did David treat him? (3-4) How did Shimei from the same clan as Saul’s family curse David? (5-8) What was David’s attitude at this? (9-14)
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