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2 Samuel 16:16-19:8a
Key Verse: 18:33

1. How did Hushai meet Absalom? (16:15-19) What advice did Ahithophel give to Absalom? (16:20-17:4) What was Hushai’s advice? (5-13) Whose advice did Absalom and all the men of Israel choose? (14a) Why? (14b)

2. What message from Hushai was to be delivered to David and how could it be? (15-22) What was the end of Ahithophel? (23) Where did David go? (24a) Who was appointed over the army of Absalom and where did they stay? (24b-26) When David came to Mahanim, who helped David and his people for their food and lodging? (27-29)

3. Whom did David appoint as three commanders for the troops to be sent out, and what was David’s one earnest command to the commanders? (18:1-5) What was the result of the battle and how was Absalom killed? (6-17) What did the author say about Absalom at the time of his death? (18)

4. How was the news of victory delivered to David, and what was his one consistent question to the deliverers? (19-32a) At the news of Absalom’s death how did David respond? (32b-33)

5. How did the king continue to show his grief for Absalom? (19:1-4) What poignant words did Joab speak to the king? (5-7) How did the king respond to it? (8a)
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