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2 Samuel 19:8b-22:22
Key Verse: 21:17b

1. Throughout the tribes of Israel, what were the people arguing with each other? (19:8b-10) At this what message did King David send to Zadok and Abiathar, the priests? (11-12) And what did he say concerning Amasa? (13) What was the effect of this message? (14-15a)

2. At this time what did Shimei do? (15b-20) How did David treat him? (21-23) What was the talk between the king and Mephibosheth, and how did the king treat him? (24-30) What kind of man was Barzillai? (31-39) What is written about the men of Judah and the men of Israel? (40-43)

3. How did Sheba rebel against David? (20:1-2) When David returned to his palace in Jerusalem, what did he do with the concubines? (3) What task did the king give to Amasa? (4-5) And what mission was given to Abishai? (6-7) How did Joab get rid of Amasa? (6-13) How did Sheba’s rebellion end? (14-22) Who were David’s cabinet members? (23-25)

4. During the reign of David, what problem arose? How did David come to know it and how was the problem resolved? (21:1-14)

5. In a battle with the Philistines what danger did David face and how was he rescued? (15-17a) What did David’s men say to him in swear? (17b) What does this mean? In other three consecutive battles with the Philistines who were the opponents and who killed them? (18-22)
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