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2 Timothy 2:1-2:13
Key Verse: 2:3

1. What did Paul encourage Timothy to be (1)? What does it mean to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus”? What did he tell him to do (2)? What kinds of people are reliable?

2. What did Paul remind Timothy of for his spiritual identity (3a)? What are the characteristics and purposes of soldiers (3b, 4)? Who and for what summoned us as soldiers? Why did Paul talk about an athlete and a farmer (5,6)? What can we learn from this parable (7)?

3. What should Timothy remember about Jesus (8)? Why would Paul not worry about the gospel though he was chained in prison (9)? Why did he endure everything in his suffering (10)?

4. What promises are there for those who die with Christ and for those who endure (11,12)? Why can we still have hope though we are faithless (13)?
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