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2 Samuel 23:1-24:25
Key Verse: 23:2-4

1. In his last words what did David say about himself and what word of God did he write? (1-4) What can we think of his leadership? What does he say about his house and evil men? (5-7)

2. Who were the Three of the thirty chief men of David and what was each one’s exploit? (8-12) What did David say to them and how did they show their loyalty to David? (13-17)

3. What is written about Abishai? (18-19) And Benaiah? (20-23) Who were included among the mighty men of David? (24-37)

4. In his anger against Israel what did the LORD incite David to do? (1) What was the king’s command and how was it carried out? (2-9) After his event what did David realize about what he had done? (10) How would God punish the Israelites and at this how did David show his shepherd heart for his people? (11-17)

5. What did he LORD command David to do through Gad? (18-19) How did David insist to build an altar to the LORD despite Araunah’s willing offer for altar-building? (20-25a) How did God answer prayer? (25b) What do you think is the point of this story in this chapter?
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