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Ecclesiastes 2:1-2:26
Key Verse: 2:26

1. What was Solomon’s another passion for living (1a)? What was the reason for his search (2a)? His conclusion (1b, 2b)?

2. Consider his other passion—his diverse and innovative work projects (4-8)? What was the result (9)? To what extent he experienced in the pleasure and work (10)? What was the result (11)?

3. Next what did he turn his attention to (12)? How did he see the value of wisdom (13, 14)? Why in the end the wise and the fool seem to make no real difference (15, 16)?

4. Why did Solomon hate life and all the things (17, 18)? What did he find so meaningless about (19)? Why (20)?

5. What is it that makes people to despair (21)? What does people gain with hard work and toil (22, 23)?

6. In a series of meaningless aspects of life, what does he see the hand of God (24)? What is God’s gift to those who please him (25)? Why is such work of God even meaningless (26)?
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