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Matthew 6:25-6:34
Key Verse: 6:33

1. What do people worry about life (25a) Where did this worry originate? (Ge 3:17-19) What does Jesus say about the importance of life and body? (25b)

2. How does our heavenly Father feed the birds of the air? (26a) How does Jesus compare the valuableness of human beings and the birds? (26b) What is the effect of worry? (27)

3. What is Jesus’ further question about worrying? (28a) How do the lilies of the field grow? (28b) How does Jesus compare Solomon’s dressing and that of the lilies? (29) How does Jesus stress God clothing us? (30) What does it mean that God clothes us?

4. How does Jesus want us to be different from pagans in our living? (31-32)

5. Finally, what life direction does Jesus give us and with what promise? (33) Think about the significance of this life direction. What did Jesus say of one more thing about worrying? (34)
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