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Hebrews 2:1-2:18
Key Verse: 2:10

1. To what must we pay careful attention and why (1)? Why is drifting away from the message of salvation such a serious matter (2-3a)? How was this message confirmed (3b-4)? What assurance does this confirmation give us?

2. How does Psalm 8 help us to understand Jesus’ identity, humiliation and exaltation (5-9)? How is this related to mankind, including us? What hope can we find through Jesus?

3. Read verse 10. How did God make Jesus perfect as an author/pioneer of our salvation? Why was this “fitting” for God? For what purpose did he do this? What blessings does he give us (11-13)?

4. For what reason did Jesus become fully human and experience death (14-15)? How does Jesus’ death break the power of the devil? For whom is Jesus’ death effective (16; Gal 3:7)?

5. How did becoming fully human enable Jesus to serve God and make atonement for sinners (17)? How can Jesus help weak and vulnerable people (18)?
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