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Hebrews 3:1-4:13
Key Verse: 3:1

1. How does the author address the readers and why (1a; 2:11)? How should we confess (acknowledge) Jesus (1b)? Why is it important to fix our thoughts on Jesus?

2. How was Jesus similar to, yet greater than Moses (2-6a)? What does “God’s house” refer to (1Ti 3:15; 1Pe 2:5)? How do we remain in God’s house (6b)? Why is it significant that Jesus is the Son over God’s house?

3. What warning does the author give in quoting Psalm 95:7-11 (7-12)? What does the word “Today” imply (2Cor 6:2)? Why are hearts hardened (13b)? What exhortations are given (13a,14)? Why is it important to hold onto our original conviction?

4. What is the example of failing to enter God’s rest (15-19)? Why did they fail? How can we enter God’s rest (4:1-3a)? How is God’s rest related to creation, redemption and entering his kingdom (3b-5; Gen 2:2; Mt 11:28-29; Rev 14:13)?

5. What phrases does the author repeat in verses 6-10, and for what emphasis? On the basis of this emphasis, what exhortation is given (11)? What does it mean to “make every effort” (2:1; 3:1,6,14; 4:2-3)?

6. What reason does the author give to take this exhortation seriously (12-13)? To what does “the word of God” refer (1:2; 2:1-4; 4:2)? What are the characteristics of the word of God? How does this help us fix our thoughts on Jesus?
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