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Hebrews 5:11-6:20
Key Verse: 6:19

How did the author assess the spiritual condition of his listeners (5:11-13)? In what ways should they grow (14)? What are the elementary teachings about Christ (6:1-2)? How could the author continue to teach his listeners (3)?

2. What strong warning against apostasy was given (4-6)? Why was such a serious warning necessary for them (and us)? How did an illustration warn of God’s judgment according to fruit (7-8)?

3. Of what was the author confident regarding his listeners and why (9-10)? How did the author encourage and counsel his listeners to persevere to the end (11-12)? How did Abraham show a good example (13-15)?

4. How do people put an end to all argument (16)? How did God make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear (17)? What two unchangeable things has God given us to hold on to (18)? How does this encourage us to hold on to our hope?

5. Read verse 19. What is “this hope” and how is it related to God’s promise (10:36-37; 12:28)? How does the metaphor of an anchor help us understand the stability that this hope gives? How is this hope related to Jesus, our Great High Priest (20)?
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