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Hebrews 7:1-7:28
Key Verse: 7:25

1. Who was Melchizedek (1-2; Gen 14:18)? In what sense did Melchizedek resemble the Son of God (3)? What characterizes the relationship between Melchizedek and Abraham (4-10)? Why is it important that Melchizedek is greater than Abraham?

2. How did Scripture anticipate the limits of the Levitical priesthood and the coming of a perfect one (11)? On what basis is Jesus’ priesthood established (12-17; Ps 110:4b)? To what does “the power of an indestructible life” refer (Ac 2:24)?

3. What does it mean that the Levitical law needed to be set aside, and why was this necessary (18-19)? In contrast to the Levitical priesthood, how is Jesus’ priesthood confirmed (20-21)? Why is this so important for us who draw near to God (22)?

4. How is Jesus’ priesthood different from Levitical priests (23-24)? Read verse 25. What do the words “save completely” imply? How is this possible? How does this encourage us to come to God through Jesus?

5. How does Jesus truly meet our needs as high priest in his person and in terms of sacrifice for our sin (26-27)? How does the author emphasize the character of Jesus’ priesthood in contrast to the Levitical priesthood (28)?
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