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Hebrews 8:1-9:22
Key Verse: 9:15

1. How is Jesus’ high priestly ministry characterized (8:1-2)? Where did the priesthood and the earthly sanctuary originate (3-5)? What is the basis of Jesus’ ministry and why is it superior to the old covenant (6)?

2. What was the problem with the first covenant (7-8a)? What did the Lord declare through the prophet Jeremiah about the new covenant (8b-12)? How is it different from the old covenant? What does the word “new” imply (13)?

3. How was the earthly tabernacle arranged (9:1-5)? What exclusive ministry was given to the high priest and what were its limits (6-7; 9-10)? What was the Holy Spirit teaching through this (8)?

4. Where did Christ enter as high priest and what sacrifice did he offer (11-12a)? What blessing did he obtain (12b)? In contrast to animal blood, what does Christ’s blood enable us to do (13-14; Lk 1:74-75)?

5. Read 9:15. What does it mean that “Christ is the mediator of a new covenant”? Why is Jesus uniquely qualified to be our mediator? How did the new covenant come into effect (16-22; Lk 22:20)? What are the blessings given in the new covenant?
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