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Psalm 19:1-19:14
Key Verse: 9:7

* God revealed himself to us through nature and through Scripture.

1. What do the heavens and the skies proclaim day and night (1-2)? What kind of knowledge do they reveal? How does God’s glory spread on the earth (3-4a)?

2. What metaphors does David use to describe the sun running its course (4b-6a)? How does this effect the earth (6b)? How does this reveal the character of God, the Creator? What can we learn from nature about who God is (Ro 1:20)?

3. How does David refer to God in verses 7-9, and how is it different from his reference in verses 1-6? How does David describe the different aspects of God’s word? What are the characteristics of God’s word?

4. What benefits can we receive from God’s word (Ps 23:1-3; 2Ti 3:15; Gal 5:22; Eph 1:18; 1Pe 1:24-25)?

5. How much did David value and cherish God’s word (10)? How did God’s word help David personally (11)? What was David’s earnest prayer (12-14)?
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