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Hebrews 9:23-10:18
Key Verse: 10:14

1. How were “copies of the heavenly things” purified, and why was this necessary (22-23)? Why was a better sacrifice needed, and how is Christ’s sacrifice better (24-26)? What is the importance of Christ’s sacrifice in God’s redemptive history (26b)?

2. What is the destiny of all people and why (27; Ro 6:23a)? How did Jesus save us from this fatal destiny (28a)? What do the words “just as…so” and “once” imply? For what purpose will Christ appear a second time (28b)? What does “salvation” mean?

3. What do people need to draw near to worship God (1b,2)? What is the function and limit of the sacrificial law (1a,3-4)? What was Jesus’ purpose in coming, and how was it foretold (5-10)? What is the significance of “once for all” (10b; 7:27; 9:12,26; 10:2)?

4. How does the author contrast the Levitical priesthood and Jesus’ priesthood (11-12a)? What does “he sat down at the right hand of God” imply (12b-13)? Read verse 14. What is the effect of Jesus’ one sacrifice? What does this mean to you?

5. How does the Holy Spirit testify about Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins in relation to the new covenant (15-16)? How does this guarantee the forgiveness of our sins (17-18)?
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