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John 6:48-6:58
Key Verse: 6:51

1. Look at verse 34. What expectation did the people have of Jesus? What does bread symbolize in our lives? What kind of “bread” have you expected from Jesus?

2. How did God feed the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years? (Exodus 16:31) What did God want to teach them through this? (Deuteronomy 8:3; 49)

3. How does Jesus contrast himself with the manna in the wilderness (48-50, 58)? What does it mean that Jesus is the living bread? (51)

4. Why were the people offended by Jesus’ claim? (41-42, 52) Why do you think Jesus further offended them by adding that they needed to drink his blood? What does it mean to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood (40, 53-58, Matthew 26:26-28)?

5. How is believing in Jesus like eating his flesh and drinking his blood? What does it mean to you to eat the living bread from heaven?
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