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Ecclesiastes 3:1-3:22
Key Verse: 3:1

1. What is an important truth that Solomon emphasize in this chapter (1)? Why is it so important to discern the time and season in your life (Mk 13:33; 2T 4:2)?

2. Consider carefully how 14 different turns of time occur in people’s lives (2-8)? If you apply these, what time or season are you in now?

3. What does the worker gain from his toil (9, 10)? What is wonderful about God’s gift in the course of changing events in this life (11)?

4. What is so desirable for people to learn the secret of happy living (12-13)? What does God have to do with the events in this life (14)?

5. How does Solomon express his sense of “been there” and “done that” (15) and the absurdity and contradiction in this life (16)?

6. How real is God’s judgment (17)? At the same time, what is so absurd about this life (18-21)? What is his observation (22)?

* What do you learn from this chapter about God’s sovereignty and our choices?

* What is the way of beautiful and meaningful life in this world which otherwise may become quite meaningless and hopeless?
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